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Farewell but not Goodbye ! Class of 2020-Boys Lacrosse

Farewell to our Golden Eagles – Boys Lacrosse players – Class of 2020. The season was cut short but you will be forever be part of our family and in our hearts. Congratulations to the following: IHSLA All Academic #12 Luke Abell  #6 John Bellflower  #25 Thomas Berger  #18 Gabe Cuffel  #17 Nick Demas  #11

Fall Sports: Message from our Photographer

Guerin Catholic parents, coaches, and athletes.  We are excited to be back at Guerin Catholic this year for athletic photography services.  We are also excited to see the players have an opportunity to get back to competition in their respective sports. If you are going to order photos for this season, your athlete will be

Luke Gregor – Senior Spotlight

Luke Gregor ran distance for your Golden Eagles. Luke will be attending Purdue University to study Exploratory Studies until he settles on a major. His biggest piece of advice: Enjoy every single part of your high school experience.  It goes by too fast and it will be over before you know it. His favorite track memory: Running with C-Ward

Rose McIntyre – Senior Spotlight

Rose McIntyre ran sprints and hurdles for your Golden Eagles. Rose will be attending Benedictine College to major in business and theology. Her biggest piece of advice: Try everything while you have the chance and be kind to those you meet while trying those things.  The more you try, the more people you meet, and the more friends you make. Her favorite track memory: When

Noah McNeany – Senior Spotlight

Noah “Neaners” McNeany ran distance for your Golden Eagles. Noah will be attending Purdue University this fall His biggest piece of advice: Learn from the past and move on.  Do not dwell on the failures of the past. His favorite track memory: The Love/Hate relationship with the Bridgewater loop! Coach’s thought – Noah showed a lot of pride and

Marian Grskovich – Senior Spotlight

Marian Grskovich ran cross country and was a track team manager. Marian will be attending Purdue University to major in biology. Her biggest piece of advice: Enjoy and fully live out every moment God gives you, especially with friends, sports and even school work.  Jump headfirst into new experiences and activities, and let go of any insecurities you have…because

Anna Hallett – Senior Spotlight

Anna Hallett – Sprinter and Long Jumper Anna will be attending the University of Louisville to study biochemistry on her way to dental school. Her biggest piece of advice: Give the things you commit to your all.  Whether that be in workouts, other sports or extracurriculars, school, relationships, or anything else.  If you are not putting 100% into what

Grace Vlasak – Senior Spotlight

Grace Vlasak ran distance and played soccer for your Golden Eagles. Grace will be the first Guerin Catholic graduate attending Yale University where she will study biomedical engineering. Her biggest piece of advice: High school passes faster than you can imagine.  The little everyday moments with your friends at school or practice will become the moments you look back on, so make the

Matthew Fletcher – Senior Spotlight

Matthew “Fletch” Fletcher ran distance and also high jumped for your Golden Eagles. Matt will be attending Purdue University to study Exploratory Studies until he settles on a major. His biggest piece of advice: Trust in the coaches, listen to what they know, and work with them to better yourself.  Always give 100% effort in

Jacob “Stud” Mueller – Senior Spotlight

Jacob is more affectionately known around the track team by the nickname “Stud”…which dates back to his basketball showmanship! Stud will be attending Purdue University to study Kinesiology. His biggest piece of advice: Make every moment count, you may think you have a lot of time…but you really don’t! His favorite track memory: Jordan Chang