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“The one thing that really helped me during that process—I’m Catholic, I grew up Catholic, my kids are Catholic—was talking to a priest.” – Kobe Bryant

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As we pray for the repose of the souls of the nine people who died in the helicopter crash, which included Kobe Bryant and his 13-year-old daughter Gianna, there are some inspiring lessons we can learn from his life.

We often share stories about Priests, team chaplains and prayer.

Kobe is a poignant example of someone who benefitted from exactly that.

We all suffer throughout our lives in one way or another: Death of a loved one, loneliness, injuries and sickness, bullying, depression, disappointment, stress, etc.

We also make mistakes. We need to apologize, make it right and go to Confession.

Kobe was a wonderful example of that.

When was the last time we went to confession?

When was the last time I spoke with a Priest seeking some guidance?

Kobe Bryant Dead at 41: How Scandal Turned Him to Catholic Faith and Divine Mercy


Another very sobering lesson from this tragic event, is that life is so short.

Are we prepared?
Are we living like we are ready to meet God?

This is a perspective that is NOT popular or comfortable thinking about.

But what if today or tomorrow was your last day?

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This is why living, teaching and coaching virtue, mentoring, ceremony and Catholic Identity are so important, so urgent, so vital to our lives.

University of Louisville Men’s Basketball Coach Chris Mack recently participated in a SportsLeader Jersey Ceremony at one of our partner schools with one of his daughters.

This tweet shows how sports, prayer, the important things in life … can bring us all closer together.

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